“Imagine a mega celebrity flying all the way from Australia to be at your wedding! The room is dazzled with sequins and gladioli, whilst your guests are roaring with laughter at Edna's quickfire wit and humour. Our wedding was truly memorable for many reasons. Edna surely has to take the crowning glory though, for making it the most special occasion we could ever have hoped for. Be dazzled and have your day lit up too, she's worth every last sequin.”

Cathy Hayes
Bride - Norwich


"Edna really added something special to the evening! She had all our guests in stitches and left our guest of honour lost for words. Our evening with Edna was the talk of the office the next day. As the organiser of the party, I was keen for everyone to enjoy themselves - I needn't have worried as Edna really added some spice to the evening and had everyone laughing. You know sometimes a party needs a kick to get it started - Well, Edna was that kick! She broke the ice and had everyone in stitches."

Andy Begg
BBC London - Head of Television Centre Tours


"A company event with partners can fill even the most confident with trepidation - half the room doesn't know anyone and the other half only have work in common. Enter Dame Edna and, drawing beautifully on a little pre-briefing, she takes the room by storm, breaking down all the barriers. Conventional huddles are soon joining together marvelling at the acerbic wit and quite frankly, the truly remarkable designer frock! For the most unconventional of MC's - and certainly the most talked about - Dame Edna tops the bill!"

Mark Higgins
Marketing Director - Wolsey Securities Limited


"Sheer professionalism, sheer talent, sheer tights. What more could you want from a duo who can bring a whole new dimension to your event? Edna and her delightful Booking Manager Dale are a pleasure to work with from start to finish. Edna completely steals the show then bestows it back to you, double wrapped in purple glitz and a haze of laughter-induced tears. We have worked with many entertainers, and after our engagement party we are delighted to say that The Untamed Edna Experience is one of the best!"

Ben and Paul


"The Dame hosted our Glamour and Glitz event with the wit, glamour and presence of an international superstar!

I would definitely recommend having her host an event to give it that extra sparkle and naughty wit!"

Maria Morritt
Internal Communications Manager
Thomas Cook Signature Ltd


“Ian and I were lucky enough to have Simon's Dame Edna make a guest appearance at our wedding. The result was truly spectacular: Dame Edna's characteristic acerbic wit had ourselves and our guests in paroxysms of laughter in no time at all. Without doubt that feted lady made our wedding a truly memorable occasion for our guests and ourselves."

Jill Kitchen
Bride - Stoke-On-Trent


"Could you please pass on my thanks to Simon (our Dame Edna Everage) for his wonderful contribution to the evening. Everyone said he was brilliant and a major part of the success of the evening. I don't know how we can top Simon for next year's event!"

Liz Harris
Commerical Department - Skanska Civil Engineering


"The ‘Untamed Edna Experience’ was one of the unexpected highlights of our cruise on the Nile! Simon’s creation of the Dame Edna character was superb and the vocal impersonation throughout the performance uncanny. His acting skill and splendid mimicry combined with a sharp (not to mention acid!) wit that teased, pricked and delighted his audience! The writing is so clever and the repartee rapier quick. We brought him back for several encores and laughed till it hurt !!"

Graham and Lynn Meredith
aboard Thomas Cook Nile Cruise - Egypt


"Thank you both so much for making our day so special - we and our guests have so many fantastic memories of our day and Edna was a super star! People still comment and joke about just how perfect Edna was to fit into our wedding day plans. The photos just prove how hard everybody was laughing to the humour and wit of Dame Edna, and the DVD was even funnier!!"

Jay and Kim Tipler
Bridegroom and Bride - East Sussex


"The Untamed Edna Experience proved to be an absolutely perfect addition to our re-launch party. Guests were thrilled and surprised when our mystery VIP turned out to be 'Dame Edna'!

From the very start, the professionalism of 'The Untamed Edna Experience' was fantastic and created so much peace of mind for an event organiser. Simon adapted his performance to launch our new look magazine just perfectly. All involved felt 'Dame Edna' definitely exceeded all expectations and really topped off our event! I would highly recommend 'The Untamed Edna Experience' to anyone wishing to add a bit of spark to their event."

Nicole Bray
TNT Magazine - Events Marketing Executive


"We would all like to thank you both so much for being with us on Saturday evening! We all thought Simon was absolutely brilliant - everyone had a great night and thought Dame Edna stole the show. Thanks again!"

John and the Lambert family
Father of the bride - Leicester


“Having graced a private dinner party which we held for top clients with style, glamour and above all wit, the Untamed Dame Edna turned an otherwise ordinary dinner party into a glittering evening! We and our guests (who have been sending us enthusiastic e-mails of gratitude this morning) enjoyed ourselves enormously and would like to thank Simon for turning our party into a mega-event!

The Untamed Dame Edna is an indefatigable 'mingler', everyone enjoyed themselves hugely and our event was one of the most successful yet. It is extraordinary what a difference an Australian housewife/megastar can make!!"

Carl Cullingford - Managing Director
IGP Media Ltd.


"Simon's Edna was a fabulous flash of glitz and colour at our networking event. She worked the crowd wonderfully and encouraged the networking in a way only Edna could. We hired her for the event as a way to break up the norm and keep our guests interested in the speeches and it worked a treat. A number of people at the event thought we had hired the real thing! (We didn't tell them any different!) ''

Jess Hurford
Australian Business


"I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for all your help and giggles on the big day - we had such a blast! Huge appreciation!"

Alexandra Perman
Bride - London


"From the moment Dame Edna graciously descended our stairs fabulously decked in purple sequins, the party took off like a rocket. I'll never forget the delighted and incredulous faces of our guests as Her Dameness opened the door to them, nor the hysterical shrieks of laughter as she pursued them through the house ruthlessly but caringly giving her opinion on their clothes, their modes of transport and the size of their feet! Simon's voice and appearance are just about indistingishable from the real thing and how he remembers everyone's name is a miracle in itself. This was not just an impersonation, but a performance, and it was worth every penny."

Caroline D'Arcy


"The photos are fantastic. We have been receiving telephone calls and emails from the staff saying what a great evening and how great Dame Edna was. Please thank her for doing the raffle too - that was just the icing on the cake!

This was one for the memory bank - Dame Edna was the star of the evening! I will recommend you to my friends who arrange events."

Debbie Little - Area Account Manager
Coffee Point PLC


"Experiencing Simon's Dame Edna at our wedding turned out to be one of the best decisions that we have made. We had a fantastic day, which was turned into an absolutely super event by someone we can only refer to as a Super Sparkling Mega Star!

Dame Edna was totally professional and well prepared, and her caring, sharing and natural ability to mix and mingle with all ages was second to none. Her gigantic gladioli, humor and wit reached everyone, and we did not stop roaring with laughter for the whole time that we were lucky enough to have the pleasure of Edna’s company.

We can’t thank Dame Edna enough for sharing in our special day and helping to make it into the most memorable occasion ever.

Thanks Dame Edna – ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC – What more can we say!!"

Fay & Gerry Oates
Bride & Groom - Port Talbot, South Wales


"Absolutely terrific! We're so glad we booked you! Everyone has been phoning me. They couldn't believe that you remembered everyone's names - how do you do that? You were worth every penny (and I never say that!)"

Linda Clark


"Our work leaving party went down a storm when Edna turned up to give the speech. Her ad-libbing was right on the money and her comic timing was second to none. She moved the whole party up a gear and got everybody laughing. Everyone had a marvellous time and has been talking about Edna ever since - she's made herself some 'Possums for life'!"

Susie Boniface
The Sunday Mirror


"Many, many thanks for making 'Emma's Hen Tea Party' so very special. You were absolutely brilliant, bringing laughter, glitz and glamour to the afternoon!! Thank you once again."

Christine Bowler
Mother of the Bride - Brentwood

"I just wanted to thank you for coming to my hen party! It was a truly wonderful surprise - I have not laughed so much in ages! You went down a storm and added extra sparkle to the do..... you were first class! Thanks a million!"

Emma Bowler


"Feedback from our valued guests and clients has been phenomenal! Simon's attention to detail was incomparable and a triumph! He engaged everyone in a way which was both fun and so Edna.

We wouldn't hesitate to recommend Simon - he made our event truly memorable!"

Sir John T Birks
Thomas Spencer Hairdressing - Sandbach, Cheshire


"Thanks for helping to make our Australia, New Zealand and South Pacific brochure launch a huge success! The feedback we have had on the night is excellent, and we so very much appreciate your attendance to help us promote Dame Edna's homeland!"

Shane Fortey
Senior Account Coordinator - Kuoni


"A huge thank you again for your wonderful contribution to the success of the day. We had a great time, as did everyone else! You were both brilliant fun & helped to make the day unforgettable. We hope very much to meet you both again in the future."

Tracey & Pat Burke
Lingfield, Surrey


"Well what can I say - brilliant!! The pictures look great and we had such a laugh. It was just fantastic to have you as part of our celebration!"

Jackie and Ben Colgate
Bride and Groom - Ashford, Kent


"My bride and I were thrilled with Edna, and it definitely made our day more special and memorable to have her there! The professionalism shone through from Edna's entrance to departure. The accent, style and mannerisms were spot on, and the Aussie contingent (being very familiar with Barry H) were extremely impressed with the performance, along with every other guest in attendance.

I'll have absolutely no second thoughts about recommending Edna to my friends for any type of function, as clearly her adaptability to gauge the 'mood' and tailor effectively to fit the situation (a difficult and acquired skill) was evident throughout. Superb!"

Amy and Andy Cairns
Bride and Bridegroom - London


"Thank you for Saturday night! We had a great time, and we hope Simon did too. We'll be sure to recommend Dame Edna!!!"

Dina Wasfi & Chris Rostron


"I just wanted to say a very big thank you so much for helping me organise last night. Simon (or rather Dame Edna) was just fantastic - she just made the evening so fun for everyone! The entertainment she provides is hilarious, and we are all still in stitches with laughter today...

I love the fact that she stays in character all the time (which is very professionally done) and also mingles and chats with everyone. She is a real sport!

You really did us proud, and I'm so pleased we used you, as Simon is by far the best Dame Edna I can see around. I will definitely be recommending "The Untamed Dame Edna Experience" to my friends and colleagues.... she gave us such a memorable evening. Brilliant!"

Lisa Baker
Deutsche Bank - Global Markets Equity


Dame Edna voiceover recording:

"Superb. Superb. Superb. Utterly brilliant!

Thank you so, so much for turning this around so quickly (and into the night!) and so utterly professionally. The gorgeous gigastar went down a storm. Brilliant night had by all and you really helped get it started with a swing. Thanks again!"

Douglas Smith
Managing Director - Bespoke Marketing Clinic
Sydney, Australia


"A massive thank you! One of the first things we wanted to do was thank you so much for being such a fantastic part of our wedding day. Dame Edna looked absolutely stunning as always and her act was just spot on. Everybody thought she was adorably funny and her presence truly contributed to making our wedding the perfect day.

Greg and I wish you every success in the future. We will of course be recommending you to all our friends getting married in the future and otherwise!"

Hannah and Greg Cole
Bride and Groom - London


"What a big hit you were!!! Everyone is still talking about you! Thank you SO much - we loved meeting you and having you at our Barmtizvah."

Michelle Hyer


"I just wanted to say how brilliant it was on Saturday! Thank you for such a wonderful performance. My guests enjoyed themselves thoroughly, and were talking about Edna all afternoon and evening.

It was lovely to meet you guys, and the whole experience was absolutely professional from the booking and planning through to the fabulous appearance. Take care and a big thank you!"

John Aalbers


"Thanks for a dramatic evening! I had so many congratulations about Dame Edna. A phenomenal performance! Many thanks - you're a real Megastar!"

Joanna Gallop
British Dental Association


"Just had to thank you both for a spectacular evening on Saturday. Aside from Edna fitting into the whole feel of the evening, I think your professionalism in the planning and organisation were exemplary. And given the business we ourselves are in, we fully understand and appreciate this.

I’m sure you add value to any event you are involved with - you certainly added to ours! Many thanks, once again!"

Neil & Michele Roe
Herriots Hotel - Skipton, North Yorkshire


"A huge thank you for Friday evening – Dame Edna was fab and I couldn’t have wished for anything better!"

Liz Rae
Winterbotham Darby & Co Ltd


"We are getting rave reviews - the guests thought it was hilarious! It was a very successful evening. Thanks again, and I know that lots of people are talking about it (it even got a mention on our local radio station Saint FM, by one of the presenters who was a guest.)"

Alan Paterson
President - Rotary Club of Burnham-on-Crouch & Dengie Hundred, Essex


"Just wanted to thank you so much for Saturday night. Dame Edna was awesome and the best part of the evening for me. Everybody loved her and thought she was soooo funny!!

I'm now trying to think of another reason for a party so I can invite her back!!! I can't wait to see the video of the ceremony. I keep remembering things she said and laughing out loud in the street!"

Jo Underwood
Broadstairs, Kent


"Just wanted to send a BIG thank you to you and Simon for making our friends' leaving party so much fun. The Dame's dress was amazing and we felt very much like we were partying with the original Dame Edna on the night!"

Lisa Cluer
Greenwich, London


"Well, what a fab and funny evening. You wrapped our wedding up fabulously! Everyone is talking about it. It was just hilarious! Thank you both very much."

Alek and Michael
Bride and Groom - St. Alban's, Hertfordshire


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